Saturday, 9 January 2010

Grecian Artist Supreme

My latest interview is from an artist who has to have the cutest products I have seen in a long time. She too is a member of the European Street Team and has such a great personality that I just needed to share her with all of my friends and collegues. Enjoy this interview - :)

Important Information:

Name: Maria
Occupation: Studying for my Master’s degree in Business Administration

My Etsy shop: Heart Shaped Creations
My gallery in Deviantart: Click Here
My Flickr gallery: Click Here

What term would you use to describe your creative talent: artist/craftsman(woman)/creator/other. Why is it you see yourself in this way?

I’d have to say that I think of myself as an artist. I constantly seek for inspiration all around me and I consider my creations as a mean to express a part of my personality.

How did you begin with this creative process (working with clay) and how does it add to your life?

I started working with clay by an urge to experiment, when I purchased my first blocks of clay during my wanderings in a craft-store. Working with this medium has offered me so many things, that I wouldn’t even know from where to begin. I think it’s important for me to say, that my starting point was when my life had taken a rough turn and focusing on my art was something that let the sunlight go through my heart and helped me in a great way to overcome that period.

Were you creative before this time? If so, what other creative arts do/did you dabble in?

I guess I’ve always been involved in some sort of creative process as long as I can remember myself. When I was younger, I used to draw, make collages, later I got “addicted” with the art of decoupage and now clay has become my new medium of expressing myself. I guess having a mum that is a writer and a painter didn’t leave me with much of a choice of embracing art as well!

Can you remember the first clay creation that you made?

My very first clay creation was a bear. I remember that it took me almost a day to finish it! As you can imagine, that first creation had nothing to do with the figurines I create now. However, I will never forget how happy and proud of myself I was for bringing that little bear to “life”.

Is there something else that you made that you are particularly proud of?

Generally, I always feel content everytime I finish a figurine. Despite the fact that, some of them can prove quite tiring and demanding, when I make the final touches and I can say that I’m happy with the final result, then I go to sleep with a smile!

Is there something in particular that you find inspiring?

I love and respect life in any form, therefore I draw my inspiration from nature, but also from fantastic worlds and generally from anything that makes me smile.

When you have a quiet moment to indulge yourself and there's no one around to bother you, what is it you like to do best?

I enjoy those moments of solitude by watching a movie on my couch or by flicking through the pages of artbooks from my favourite Fantasy Artists.

How would you envision the perfect dinner? Who would be there (famous/family/fictional/etc)? Would it be formal/informal? What would be served?

Hmmmm…perfect dinner? I think if I had Hugh Jackman across the table I wouldn’t mind about formalities or the meal! :-D

What type of music are you listening to at the moment? What does this music do for you?

Generally speaking I’ve always been fond of rock music. For the past few years, I only listen to symphonic/rock metal, ambient and Celtic artists. Music always helps me to relax, let off steam etc. Most of the times I pick the music that I will listen to according to my current mood.

Where is the place that you have visited in the past that you have particular fond memories of? Why?

I have to say the Greek island of Milos, which I visited with my parents when I was a child. Its wild beauty is something that is engraved in my mind eversince and I really want to go back there one day.

Where is the one place you would really like to travel to one day? Why?

I would like to travel to numerous places, but my fondest dream has always been to visit Scotland. It’s one of the countries that captures my imagination…

Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview that you feel our readers should know?

"Why do we have to listen to our hearts? Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you'll find your treasure” Paolo Coelho
Thank you so much Marie, for being willing to share some time with us!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Marie is so wonderful to have on the EST! I love her wonderful fresh and positive personality, she always lifts everyone's spirits, and she's so talented and so pretty! Thank you, Marie, for sharing with us!

ingermaaike said...

Loved reading about Maria! So very fun to see a little more of you :-D

kraplap said...

I love reading this interview here and see maria in the flesh ! Well done both of you !

Star of the East said...

A lovely interview, Maria is such a pretty girl, from the inside and outside :)

Michelle said...

Maria is a fantastic Artist,
so wonderful to know a bit more of you!
Thanks Nicole:)

evihan said...

It is a great pleasure for me to know you closer:-)...nice toooo meeeting you Maria:-))

Vilt à la Kim said...

Lovely intervieuw!! Thank for sharing.

antigoni said...

Bravo to both of you..:) Thank you ultimate for interviewing Maria. She is a really sweet and lovely person and very talented!!!!

creationsbyeve said...

lovely interview about a lovely person and artist :)

Kreativlink said...

Ahhh... Maria is wonderful! As sweet as her creations! :)

baahar said...

How did I miss this interview until now ? Thanks a lot for sharing.

Maria really is a lovely person and I adore her figurines. She always makes us smile in the EST thread :)

Anonymous said...

piggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *mwah* what a sweety - thanks for the great feature, nic!

Icha said...

Great interview! I'm happy to know you, Maria :) You're so lovely person and talented!

ayatasarim said...

so sweet friend with lovely creations