Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Latest Soaps -

I don't seem to be having as much time to spend blogging as I ususally do. The bright side is that this is mostly due to the fact I am getting a lot of steady sales. Not only do I have to package and send my products, I must also keep making great soaps that sell as well as thinking about very cool soaps to make for the summer season.

In the meantime, here is a pictoral list of what has appeared in my store during the last couple of weeks:

The above is a new batch of Tulip Petal with Exotic Floral Boquet Essential Oil. This time I used yellow tulip petals that have hints of pink, purple and green. Very lovely.

My Jasmine Oatmeal soap appears to be one of my best sellers, and I have now made a few batches of these. This particular batch is now selling through Etsy. I have two other batches waiting upstairs in my attic. They should be done in a few weeks.

This is perhaps the soap I am most proud about - a Chocolate Mint Soap that is made with Orangically grown mint. The differencein scent is astounding and since I have used organically grown herbs, I will never, ever, ever in my long, long life ever go back to even buying the best quality herbs from other places. When I made this soap, my kitchen and living room were smelling of mint for long into the day.

Here is my latest batch of Poppy Seed with Orange Zest. Also a steady seller.

Above is my third batch of Rose Petal with Pure Vanilla. One of my friends likes this soap so much because it reminds her of her childhood ice-cream.

This is my latest version of Mocha Shower Soap. This have to be one of my favorite soaps. I love how the coffee grounds in the soap scrub against my skin after a hard workout.

Here is a new soap that I am trying out, and which I use myself. This is an oatmeal soap that has the Essential oil of Patchouli. Just before Christmas I received a great book on herbs, soaps and skin care. And on one of the pages was a small paragraph, perhaps only 5-6 sentences long, explaining what Patchouli was. The sentence that read, 'a very popular scent from the 1970's' made me roll my eyes and think, 'well, I'll never find that!' Low and behold on my next trip into town to get supplies, in the store where I buy my essential oils, there were two bottles. I could not believe my eyes and bought both of them immediately. It is a very nice, heavy scent. And further research has informed me that Patchouli oil is effective at working against acne and exceme, as well as chapped skin.

Second to last, I have a couple bars of Chocolate Chip Mint soap left from an exhibition that I sold at a few weeks ago. I just love the way this soap looks, and had to show it off a bit. :)

And finally I have a new batch of Juniper Berry and Jasmine. This soap has a slightly heavier scent than my previous batch, without being overpowering.

Do check out my store often..... I have big plans in store for the coming weeks and months. It's going to be an exciting summer!


Gufobardo said...

I want to eat every soap, so wonderful!!!!!!!

Arctida said...

Oh my... they look so yummy! I can't stop drooling all over my desk here :) I bet they smell just as yummy as they look!

ingermaaike said...

It is so great to hear you are doing so well! You certainly have been a very busy bee :-D

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Oh--yummy, yummy...I can't wait till tomorrow when I get to try out one of the new soaps I got from your shop---I am a convert and total hand-made soap lover!

Lucie said...

Ooh so yummy! I can't help feeling hungry when I see your beautiful soaps!