Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Another Painting in My Collection

Well, I've purchased another painting. I hope it doesn't become too addicting.

This one was purchased from a used store not far from our cabin. At the moment it is hanging in our bedroom there. However, I plan to repaint the living room next year and then make place for this piece.

I purchased it for one basic reason: The first because I really am trying to keep with the traditional theme of Norwegian cabins (and my husbands traditional family) but add in some of my modern wishes and likes.

The style of the painting that you see is pretty abundant in Norway: a picture of a cabin of some sort by water, trees and with a mountain or two in the background. Usually however, the colors are incredibly subdued or even dark and depressing in nature.

However I really liked the colors in this painting. When I first saw it, it was hanging really high on the wall of the used store.

After the work was taken down for me, I saw that the buildings were made three dimensional with matchsticks and some sort of thick paper. In the windows the artist used gold foil to simulate candle light shining outwards through the glass.

I did write the name of the artist down to research him/her when I came home, but have misplaced that note somewhere. The woman who sold us the painting (and who would not give my husband a discount of any kind even though this work only cost us about 50.00) said that the artist was famous locally and that many of his works were in many houses in western Norway.

Regardless of the truth of this story (which could be completely true for all I know), I in any case liked this piece enough to think that 50.00 was well worth the price. I will be looking forward to giving updates on my research of this piece in the near future.


Rita alias alatvian said...

Lovely painting!
Congrats to the purchase!

ingermaaike said...

It is a very unorthodox one indeed and all the more lovely for it! I love the happy look, like a real summer as they are around here :)

Morrgan said...

That is an unusual one, yes. I love tose little special touches like the matches. :)

Nancy van den Boom said...

Congratz on the purchase! And have fun with the research! ;-)

Josh said...

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