Friday, 11 June 2010

Gift Wrapping and International Sending

I have always been willing to gift wrap and send my soaps off to different addresses for my customers. I am asked about this from time to time, and while I do have a note about this here and there in various places in my store, this is not something I've actively promoted.

I for one know how difficult it is to send gifts to overseas friends and family. All of my family is in Canada, and the longer I live in Norway, the harder it is to show. The children grow fast and it's difficult to purchase clothings, and I certainly cannot purchase books in a foreign language. My other relatives are all getting older and often have everything they need already. And, with me in a full time job, two kids and a lifestyle that includes rebuilding a cabin and adding improvements to our existing house, my trips to Bergen are few and far between. I actually only travel into Bergen maybe 4 - 5 times a year now, which suits me just fine. But it also means that I miss out on finding a big selection of gift articles that I could purchase.

I've been buying more and more of my gifts on the internet and this is something that I have finally been getting good at.

And apparently I am not the only one as I am getting more and more customers who are asking me to do this for them.

Above is a parcel I packaged for a woman living in the USA, to be sent to her father living in the UK. When I sent her a link to the picture of it, she was clearly quite happy and appreciated the fact that she did not need to re-package the gift and pay for postage a second time to send it to her father herself.

But what was a stunning extra treat, is this great feedback she left for me:

Not only wonderful customer service - Nicole went above and beyond when she added a personel note and gift wrapped & sent to my father for Fathers Day for me. I live in the USA. She lives in Norway & my Father lives in England - so it saved me time and $$$ by her sending it direct to him. I will be buying from this seller again for sure. A Very Happy Customer here!

It seems to me that a lot more Etsy sellers could increase their business by offering this service. It takes very little time, and if the right materials are chosen (for example, I use brightly colored tissue paper instead of wrapping paper because it is less expensive and also weighs less - in addition I use lovely, recycled yarn/material as ribbon), it can be very inexpensive.

I personally do not charge any fee for wrapping my soaps. But even a small fee should not stop customers from taking advantage of this time saving offer.

Something to think about.

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