Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Little Place on the Sea Shore

I love my little place by the sea. Here is where I collect my Norwegian Kelp for my Norwegian Kelp Soap.

Right at this spot is a great place to sit, in a crook between the rocks that jut up from the sea. In the water right in front of my feet here, the solid stone dives steeply almost 60 meters. There's great spots for fishing, both her and on the other side of the fjord.

Right in front of me the sea is rising and in just over an hour it will have risen enough to cover all the Norwegian Kelp. It will have washed away my gathering bucket and will be touching my toes.

But I'm in no rush.

I have good time.

'Eternity is in love with the productions of time,' said William Blake and it's here that I find that quote to be a truth that drives itself deep into me, though I cannot explain why that quote would mean so much here and now.

This is not a problem, because I am in no rush.

I have good time to ponder this, not paying attention to the water that creeps closer.


Gufobardo said...

soooooooooooo romantic!

Omnia said...

<3 <3 How beautifully inspiring Nicole :-) You are a very lucky lady to have a heart full of peace and a spectacular part of the world to sit at and collect your kelp :-)

I must have some of this beautiful kelp soap, I think!

donauluft said...

To live near the sea must be great! I can understand: that place makes you philosophizing....
I am living by the danube (Donau), and I know I could go without many things, but I do need some water near me!

Nancy van den Boom said...

Wonderful blogpost Nicole, I can feel it.

Amoronia said...

Oh, it must be so relaxing too :) Your soap must be really great!

Michelle said...

That looks soooo wonderful, Nicole!!!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so very much for sharing!
Strands are always something special, aren't they?